Background Brief!

Redgold Investment Group Limited is a wholly owned Kenyan company whose main area of business is Mpesa agency investments in the Maai Mahiu area and its' environs.

Redgold has worked to establish and/or assist in the establishment of many Mpesa cell phone finance company offices in Maai Mahiu and its' environs. For more information on how to start up your own Mpesa cell phone finance company click on the link below.

Overall Mission

Redgold Investments mission is to provide reliable, quality and timely services to all esteemed clients in all engagements. The organization pays close attention to fine details while delivering cost effective services to its clients on short and long term basis. The organization values client relations that have been developed over the years as well as jobs that have been delivered for all the clients.


The organizations goals include having integrity, quality and innovations as the hallmarks that characterize the it as a leading investments company.

  •   Also to provide a higher level of service than is found with any other company
  •   To provide quality goods and services to our customers and transform to a market leader in area o expertise.
  •   With respect to projects, bring superior craftsmanship on the table

Social Responsibility

Redgold Investments endeavors to ensure that it is always striving to do what is right as well as curving out a niche in the commodity as well as integrating social and environmental values into the business and relationships with clients and business partners. Making a positive difference to the community under which it operates is valued.

Quality Assurance

In an effort to ensure quality in all services provided to the clients, Redgold Investments pursues and upholds the following principles, viz.:

  •   Strict compliance with established national and international quality standards and requirements
  •   Taking responsibility for the quality of services rendered to the clients
  •   Services provided in a cost efficient manner

Gender & Equality

Redgold Investments is an equal opportunity employer and strives to ensure that there is equal treatment for all its’ employees. It has also adopted equal pay for equal job principle as well as ensuring that gender equality is upheld at all levels of operations. Worth noting is:

  •   Gender equality is both an important international development as well as a crosscutting priority and as such requires staff and consultants to be gender sensitive in all matters.
  •   Identifying gender equality issues which could be obstacles to different gender groups within the organization and eliminating them using the right frameworks.

Health & Safety

Redgold Investments values the environment under which it operates and beyond. As such it is important to ensure that this is reflected through the services that it engages in as well as its’ work place by endeavoring to ensure that it provides a safe, conducive and clean environment.

Defaith Supplies Picture

Defaith Supplies

As an affiliate its' core business areas include financial services such as Mpesa Agency, Banking Agency such as Kenya Commercial Bank Agency, Co-op Bank Agency (Co-op Jirani), Equity Bank Agency and providing financial consultancy and advice to its' customers and clients in the Maai Mahiu, Kijabe, Longonot, Karima and environs.

Kirima Technologies Picture

Kirima Technologies

As an affiliate to Redgold Investments Group, Kirima Technologies offers a wide array of services including import and export services; residential and commercial building construction as well as maintenance; road constructions and maintenance; water and irrigation projects; building and road renovations; etc.